Tuesday, June 10, 2014

vmware tools and NetBSD

Message for all NetBSD lovers, who needed vmware-tools:

     The vmt driver is a kernel level implementation of VMware Tools.  VMware
     Tools are intended to provide better support for operating systems run-
     ning inside virtual machines.

     vmt handles shutdown, reboot, resume requests from the host by sending
     events using sysmon_pswitch(9) of type PSWITCH_TYPE_POWER,
     PSWITCH_TYPE_RESET, and PSWITCH_TYPE_SLEEP that can be handled by
     powerd(8)vmt will log notifications that the guest has been suspended
     or resumed by the host.

     vmt reports the guest's hostname and first non-loopback IP address to the

it means from NetBSD 6.0:

sh# modload vmt

and you have NetBSD VM with ability to shutdown/reboot from vmware infrastructure. Also you will see IP address of first non-loopback network interface within virtual machine. Great job!

Also another great news: Hikaru Abe  imported vmxnet3 driver from OpenBSD to NetBSD on Tue Jun 10 01:42:39 UTC 2014.

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Blogger Steve said...

Thi was very helpful. Thanks for into. I really didn't want to use the open-vm-tools in pkgsrc that's 6 years old and has had multiple outstanding vulnerabilities forever! :-)

8:03 am  

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